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The dastardly attacks in URI sector of Kashmir, Pathankot air base, EDI building and many others have somehow fueled the rage inside all the youngsters who are asking for a swift but deadly reply against Pakistan. Considering India is having the largest youth population in the world it should not come as a surprise that almost all the young bloods are asking for not only war but total annihilation of Pakistan itself. But a full scale war with Pakistan might lead to mutual destruction of both the nation, irrespective of that the country’s youth population is hellbent on asking for a full military invasion of our neighbor (which is illogical).

You all must be wondering what is the actual driving force-is it patriotism? is it nationalism? or just sheer fanatism? Although these factors are quite relevant but are these the only factor? The answer is ‘NO’ because dawn of technology has spawned a new group of wannabe warriors who are  technically superior to their previous counterparts. These individuals are not only willing to shed their blood during the eve of battle but are also highly motivated and have usually more knowledge about the tactics, weapons and nature of the job than their average civilian counterpart . Yes i am talking about a small but a rapidly growing population of ‘Gamers’ or to simply put those who play video games. Some of these individuals are even theoritically more sound than their military counterparts mainly in the field of weapons and military technologies.

Gamers are a small but rapidly growing community in India

According to popular belief ,video games are either the divine instrument of educations future or software of ‘SATAN’ himself provoking young men to carry out all-too-real rampages. Much like discussions surrounding the Internet, debates on video games carry the vague, scattershot chatter that says too much about the medium (e.g. do video games cause violence?) without saying much at all about the particulars of games or gaming conventions (e.g. how can death be given more weight in first person shooters?).Like every medium video games too have some shortcomings but blaming it completely in the wrong way is just plain stupid. Video games now are filled with storylines and plots that can put hollywood movies to shame. The kind of creativity that is unleashed through it are tremendous.

A professor of English at Baruch College CUNY, Mead has written a history, a book most interested in the machinations of military game development. But War Play, too, lays a solid foundation from which to launch more critical investigations—into soldier’s lives, into computerized combat, and into the most dynamic medium of our time.

War Play moves forward along two intertwined themes. First, Mead says, throughout history, the intense needs of government-sanctioned combat have spurred technological innovation in society. Second, the military is a forerunner in original methods of education. We can see evidence of the former in microwave ovens and semiconductors, GPS and jet engines; there’s evidence of the latter in wide-scale standardized testing, distance education, and vocational learning. Within the two themes’ intersection is the book’s creative tension. How are video games, specifically designed for the armed forces, empowering soldiers? How do they influence civilian behavior?

‘Call of Duty’ one of the most popular gaming franchise

Games like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow six series,Call of Duty series and many other tactical military style shoot em up games have authentic military tactics displayed in their game from reflex shooting to breaching a house filled with hostages and terrorists to hi tech weapons and gadgets used by special forces around the world. Seeing these things in virtual world makes them want to be in the tight knit community i.e. the military.

A screenshot of Rainbow Six Siege

Stuart White, the senior producer of Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon series, has extensively studied military technology, researching all aspects of his hit gaming franchise. Boasting a healthy relationship with numerous defense contractors as well as the US military, White gets to learn about numerous military technology advances long before the public does and in turn so do the gamers who get to play the games thus making them more aware and knowledgeable about gears and weapons used by the military.

ARMA 3 touted as one of the most realistic military simulator of all time

One can say that video games have somehow become a recruiting tool used by the army and exploited to its full potential considering that youths now are addicted to technology. Armies like the US military already uses video games to sharpen the reflex and shooting skills of their recruits and soldiers in order to make them even more deadly and accurate.

Thus in all honesty it can be said that video games stand somewhere in between the line of boon and bane. One cannot deny that video games have evolved so rapidly that it might just become a necessity in the future.

But if the Indian army needs athletic and high-tech wizards from middle-class India, they surely but definitely can find them in tight knit community of gamers AKA keyboard warriors.

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